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The Origin of Life Does Not Make Sense

*Before The Debate*

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Origin of life is one of the biggest mysteries in all disciplines of science. From the big bang to Darwinian evolution, the path to which life began is a conundrum even the most knowledgeable scientists struggle to wrap their heads around. The issue with the topic of the origin of life is the willingness to only guess or make a highly probable idea for where we came from. We can base our findings on mere theory and principles or facts that were conjured through complex physics and chemistry.

There is no doubt that the big bang happened. It is also highly probable that evolution did occur(though there are some striking questions from skeptics). However, when we find out these events did occur, they are followed by more questions that create a rabbit hole of ideas. Some ideas are considered non-scientific or scientific, while others sound like ideas straight out of a science-fiction magazine. This is where it all starts to not make sense. The mystery sparks debates between creationists, evolutionists, and atheists. A spiral of events starts to occur like the back and forth between Dr. James Tour and Dave Farina of the popular Youtube channel, “Professor Dave Explains”.

I have personally mentioned before that arguments like these are toxic to the community. Unwarranted drama and name-calling become the main attraction of the beautiful mystery of life. Ego battles between very intelligent people cause demeaning and rude comments that discredit the knowledge of scientists.

The debate between Dave and Dr. Tour started after Dave’s very popular, “Debunking……” videos. He has featured many people from the Discovery Institute like Dr. Michael J. Behe & Dr. Stephen Meyer.

The Dr. Tour & Dave Farina arguments are just one example of back-and-forths between two very intelligent people. There is a network of arguments for abiogenesis, creation, and compounds that may have arisen from ancient rocks making a direct impact on Earth. There is nothing wrong with making a case for where we may have come from, however, we cannot rule out even the most outlandish ideas as the origin of life is a complete mystery.


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