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Mind-Blowing Facts About Jupiter

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Introducing Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest planet in our solar system. It is also known as the gas giant since it is two and a half times the size of all the other planets combined. Jupiter also has very distinct stripes and swirls that are composed of ammonia and water clouds with an atmosphere filled with helium and hydrogen. The next most interesting area of Jupiter is its Red Spot. It is believed to be a storm that has raged for hundreds of years and is bigger than Earth.

Orbital period: 12 years

Gravity: 24.79 m/s²

Radius: 43,441 mi

Surface area: 23.71 billion mi²

Distance from Sun: 483.8 million mi

Coordinates: RA 1h 37m 48s | Dec +9° 1′ 50″

List of Facts About Jupiter

  1. Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a gigantic storm that’s about twice the size of Earth and has raged for over a century.

  2. Jupiter rotates once about every 10 hours (a Jovian day), but takes about 12 Earth years to complete one orbit of the Sun (a Jovian year).

  3. Jupiter is a gas giant and so lacks an Earth-like surface. If it has a solid inner core at all, it’s likely only about the size of Earth.

  4. In 1979 the Voyager mission discovered Jupiter’s faint ring system. All four giant planets in our solar system have ring systems.

  5. Nine spacecraft have visited Jupiter. Seven flew by and two have orbited the gas giant. Juno, the most recent, arrived at Jupiter in 2016.

  6. Jupiter cannot support life as we know it. But some of Jupiter's moons have oceans beneath their crusts that might support life.

Credits: Via NASA


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