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A Paradoxical Life: Where Did We Come From?


In Diondre Mompoint's debut philosophical science book, he questions ideas that have been accepted in science for decades. He introduces new concepts that should open the minds of free thinkers and other scientists. Embark on his journey to use Biochemistry and other topics to reveal the origins of life. 


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A Paradoxical Life_ A Biochemical approach Book Cover

Galactic Freedom: The Story of Iwaju

For the first time ever, Diondre Mompoint dives into his first Sci-Fi novel. Much different from his typical philosophical science books, he writes about a character named, Iwaju. After being captured in his village by invaders, he finds a portal in the Unknown Seas of Man. Iwaju is taken to a futuristic society that seems like a promising place; he is finally liberated from his invaders. It is unfortunate that this escape may not be what it seems. He is faced with something far worse which questions if he is truly free.


Galactic Freedom The Story of Iwaju.png

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The High Frequency Journal


The High Frequency Journal is an intermediate to Diondre's next book. Use this journal to write down thoughts and ideas while we all wait for his next novel to release. Couple this with "A Paradoxical Life Where Did We Come From?"


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High Frequency Journal.png


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