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Diondre Mompoint Biography


Diondre Mompoint is an American Biologist from Haitian/Bahamian descent. He grew up in Miami Florida and was fascinated in engineering and natural sciences. He picked up interest in Chemistry and Biology as a young child and into his teenaged years. 

Diondre graduated from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL with his Bachelors of Sciences in Biological Sciences. After this he has spent most of his time studying biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology. He began to question many processes in science as well as the origin of life. 

Due to his curiosity and free-thinking, he started to form ideas through writing and some journaling. Currently he is working on writing many books for other free thinking scientists and future scientists. His lifelong goal is to help strengthen the scientific community in academia and continue to shape young and innovative minds. 

Diondre is the Founder & Chief Editor for Origins Weekly, a subscription based blog for skeptics and free-thinkers. 

He is also Co-Founder of Need A Friendly, a communications company that lends an ear to those that wish to vent, talk or just have a conversation. 

Author Journey

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