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Bigger Bubble Thinking: A Journey Into The Next Big Thing!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The picture above shows a beautiful bubble. Many would agree that if they were to be left in a bubble for eternity, they would prefer to stay in this one. But, what if I told you there is probably a better-looking bubble than this? I know that some of you would disagree with this since this may be the only nice bubble you have ever seen. What bubble could look more beautiful than this?

Let me cut to the chase here. What is all this bubble talk? I use this beautiful bubble as a metaphor for someone being stuck in one place. We have all heard the saying that people live under a rock or live in a bubble. Think of this article expanding on these sayings or phrases. I feel that we typically are content with the bubble we live in. We are so comfortable to the point we become blind to bigger and better bubbles; we lack the ability of "Bigger Bubble Thinking". In life, we typically say things like, "I wish I knew about this sooner". Or the typical, " I was afraid about that decision but it was the best thing I've ever done in my life".

I have had moments like this. One of these moments is when I started my author journey. Every day I wish I started much sooner and knew about writing blogs and releasing books on major platforms. Before this, I was stuck in just one bubble. Now that I've had this moment of realization, I have dabbled in bigger bubbles, whether that's picking up new hobbies, learning something new, or opportunities that can help me reach my higher self.

I will not lie to you and say that I am perfect at bigger bubble thinking, but it has changed my life by starting to have faint thoughts.

Bigger bubble thinking starts with allowing yourself to identify that you are in a bubble. This is hard since many of us are content and proceed through life with only what we know. We say, "This job pays well ENOUGH, so I will stay". Or my favorite, "I've always loved to write and make music, but I don't ever really take it seriously." These are all statements that keep us in that bubble that we perceive as beautiful. Once we acknowledge we must move to another bubble, though fearful(DO NOT FEAR, THE FREE-MATRIX IS HERE), we begin to be in this Free-Form matrix where we guide ourselves into a new bubble. It is like being stuck on an island and thinking what you have is best when there is an island that may be a few miles away with way more coconuts.

An important point I want to make about this new bubble you explore is that it may not be better than the last bubble. So wait, why would I consider journeying to another bubble if it wouldn't be any better? Well, the idea is the journey can be reversible; one may journey to another bubble that is not as great as their last and release themselves back into the free matrix and arrive at another bubble. An example of this is like leaving a "great job" for a terrible job. You leave the terrible job just to find yourself at an even worse job. You finally leave that job and eventually find a "perfect" job.

Let me jump back to this free matrix thing. Before anyone can move onto a bigger bubble, they must accept the journey they take to this bigger bubble. Think of this as trials and tribulations. Look at the last paragraph where I talk about my journey as an author. Not to get too personal in an article, but many times it is really easy for me to say that I give up (a separate article can be made). Though there are thoughts of giving up, I still continue because I know this is all a part of the free matrix portion of the journey.

Be mindful that bigger bubble thinking is open-ended and can apply universally.

I started in this free matrix at the end of last year into this year(2022), and I decided that I wanted to jump into a new bubble. This bubble is the world of authorship and writing. I have not fully let go of my other bubbles, but I am speculating on many avenues (i.e. writing books, blogs like this one, and academia). I am no J.K . Rowling, but I am journeying to become an inspiring author. The last bubble I was in was completing my degree and working in the field of science. This way of thinking may have pleased my parents and has been a great bubble to be in for most people, but I've always wanted more than this. I decided to allow myself to seek other bubbles that can release my mind from what is considered to be the norm.

So now I ask what bubble are you in?

When are you going to go into the free matrix and find that better bubble?



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