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The Free-Matrix Can Be Scary, But Is Needed To Get To Where You Want

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The Free-Matrix Is Greater Than Its Ever Been

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The free-matrix is the most crucial part of bigger bubble thinking. For reference, please take a look at this article!

The focus of this article will be on the free-matrix rather than the steps and overall idea of bigger bubble thinking. Keep in mind that bigger bubble thinking is when an individual participates in releasing themselves from a bubble(which they think may be great, but there are potentially better things in life).

With the release from that one bubble, the individual can move into the free-matrix where they seek different bubbles to be a part of their paradigm. The bubble is a metaphor for different aspects of life that include work, hobbies, skills & more. It is the equivalent of trying new things and moving in a different direction from what a person is conditioned to.

The Free-Matrix

The free-matrix is sometimes a scary place when trying to move from one bubble to the next. The same is true for an individual who is exploring other bubbles within a paradigm. We are in very different times where most individuals are reshaping their thoughts on their life paradigms. These thoughts are directly influenced by the following:

  1. Wanting to implement hobbies in their life. Most importantly, those that can be monetized in replacement with a job.

  2. Having a proper work-life balance(i.e. creating boundaries).

  3. Improving mental health.

Many individuals go through reshaping their thoughts and eventually enter the free-matrix. At first many are hesitant, but realize that it is the best thing to do. The fear lies in potentially leaving that bubble behind and entering another that may not be so great. This is true, however, the free-matrix is not a prison. It is free-floating(no pun intended) and allows people to enter and take their time in finding their correct direction. It is typical for an individual to quickly leave the bubble they just entered; this is where some people may realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. However, the grass may still be greener on farther sides.

The beauty of the free-matrix is its openness to it. It allows everyone to try new things. Whether these new things are towards a new bubble or often times bubbles that have a dipole-dipole moment.

Shared Bubbles

If you are still afraid of the free-matrix, no problem. The dipole-dipole moment fixes part of the fear. What does it mean exactly? Well, a dipole-dipole moment in terms of chemistry is a separation between charges, but these charges are usually unequally shared, equally shared or fully transferred to an ion.

Similar to the dipole moments mentioned, an individual does not have to fully transfer themselves to the next ion or bubble. They can share multiple bubbles within a paradigm equally or partially share them. You do not have to fully leave that job just yet. You can work that job and share that job(bubble 1) with a side business(bubble 2). You can put 70% of your energy into one thing(bubble 1) and 30% into the other(bubble 2).

The free matrix is pretty open-ended for what path you wish to take in life. Do not fear it! Indulge in the time to find new hobbies, a new career, skills, or even mindsets that will set you free from the influences that reshaped your thoughts in the first place.


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