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Biology Has Helped Me With My Mental Health

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Happiness is a consequence of how people choose to spend their time.

Mental health has become an important aspect of many people's lives outside of anything else. Mental wellness dictates how we spend our days, react to situations and even treat our loved ones. Failure to seek happiness to render a positive attitude and mentality can cause a mental downturn.

From personal experience, my mental health had been compromised and it was hard to get out of my downturn.

All thanks to my love for biology, I was able to slowly release myself from the dark and grim situation I was in. I began to write about topics in biology and heavily indulge myself in “The Origin of Life” discussion. This is when I started spending my time doing things that I loved.

  • I started to write blog posts about science topics and discussions.

  • Continued my tutoring videos.

  • I indulged myself in scientific inquiry.

  • I started writing books.

  • I interacted with nerds like myself in writing, science, and more.

  • Dusted off my microscope, I started looking at pond & lake samples(with a splash of piano music, Jhene Aiko…real peaceful stuff).

After figuring out hobbies in biology that would uplift me, I began to see a reverse in my mind and the way I thought. I focused more on my tutoring videos and learning more about writing, as well as joining great communities within scientific journalism. I was met with others who loved biology as much as I did; I was able to share posts about biological systems which would always make me happy.

This was a brief story about how biology saved my mental health. For more of my personal stories…. see them here!


Go out and pick up or resume a hobby that makes you happy. Stick to it and release yourself from the mental slump. You got this.


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