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Explanation Of A Wormhole For People Who Are Not Theoretical Physicists

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

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What Is A Wormhole?

A wormhole is a hypothetical structure that connects two points together in spacetime. The idea of wormholes is only an assumption based on Albert Einstein's general relativity. This is the idea( keeping this in the simplest term) that the gravitational force between two masses results in a warp or curve in spacetime. Think of "space-time" as a netted fabric that holds massive objects(i.e. planets, stars). Because of this fabric, the gravity of the object creates a curvature.

As seen below, we can see the larger object(in yellow) and smaller objects(orange and red) form a curvature relative to the mass of the object. The basic model for gravity is that smaller objects orbit larger ones and each has space-time curvature.

How Do Wormholes Form?

Now that we understand how gravity works, we can begin discussing how a wormhole forms.

Wormholes form when two masses have enough force in space-time to create a tunnel through distant points. In other words, the gravity is so great that it bends and pinches space to create another side.

Though there has been no evidence of a wormhole, they are an interesting idea in theoretical physics.


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