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Plants Have This Wild Ability That Many People Do Not Know About

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Photo Credits: By manfredrichter on Pixabay

Plants are marvelous, yet very strange. I think that many biologists would agree with this statement since it is a major part of their studies. Plants have extraordinary chemical properties and are very interesting species that make biologist like myself excited. From photo-synthesis to capillary action, I've always loved to share facts about plants to anyone that would listen.

Today, I present an ability many people may not know about plants. If you already know about it, then congratulations to you! Here, take this as as a trophy:

For the rest of you guys, do not feel left out about not knowing this. The special ability I want to highlight is called phototropism. Again, if you know about it then pats on the back for you; everyone else get ready to learn something very amazing.

Phototropism is an ability that plants use to either move toward light stimuli or away from it. Many people are left puzzled by seeing their beautiful plant that they just got, sitting by a window seal and left bent(as seen in the photo below).

The typical questions asked are:

1. "Did something fall on it?"

2. "Did something eat my plant?"

3. "It must be dying!?"

These are all valid questions, however, the main cause of this "bending" is most likely phototropism. You see....when necessary, plants will alter hormones(auxin) in their roots(for geotropism) or shoots which affect the plant's orientation. There are two types of phototropism:

Negative phototropism: The plant collects auxin towards the light side of the plant. This causes the plant to bend away from light stimuli.

Positive phototropism: The plant's auxin moves towards the shady side of the plant. This causes the plant to bend towards the light stimuli.

The auxin works its way from either side of the plant tips and promotes cell division in response to light and gravity.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia / Tangopaso

Phototropism is an amazing ability by plants. With this explanation, I hope you all are impressed.I hate to make this another article about complex life and the ideas of how plants and animals came to be. However, this would not be an Origins Weekly article if I did not mention it. Like all other topics, resort this back to how sophisticated biology is and how special powers like this can make anyone think that a creator was behind this, but I digress.

Moral of the story.... next time grandma goes crazy about her plant dying by the window seal, let her know it is probably Positive Phototropism!


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