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Why The Artemis I Mission Is Important To Us? The Moon Could Be Our New Home?

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Photo Credits: By Kennedy Space Center

What Is Artemis I?

Artemis I is a program launched by NASA with the goal of making a full lunar orbit. The spacecraft that is used is called Orion, an uncrewed spaceship. Orion is on a very important test orbit that will determine if it will be occupied by astronauts.

The Artemis I mission is very unique since it is the most scientists have ever been optimistic about a space launch. It has been specially built to sustain long missions and will be the first spacecraft to be used in complex studies on the moon.

Why Does This Matter?

The goal here is clear. Scientists want to see if Orion can make the full orbit so we can have astronauts join the adventure. Well, it is more than just some test to allow highly qualified passengers on. The bigger picture here is that a successful voyage will open the window to future missions that will involve boots-on-the-moon studies.

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MASS TO THE MOON — 53,000 pounds

RETURN MASS AT LANDING — 18,200 pounds


Studies on the moon will then lead to establishing human presence and civilization. In other words, Artemis I is a stepping stone into potentially calling the moon a new home.

As I write this, the world population has reached a whopping 8 billion people. When I hear a statistic like this, there is no question why this space mission is important. At some point, we are going to have to loosen the reigns and go full throttle on space exploration. Many people argue that we have been studying the moon for decades. However, this time looks and feels different. The race to civilization on the moon is just starting.




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