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You Don’t Need A PhD. or Master’s To Do Science

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Where Is This Coming From?

"You Don’t Need A PhD. or Master’s To Do Science “

This started with a tweet from, Nicole Betz, Ph.D. on Twitter. This tweet turned into a long thread of back-and-forth arguments for why her statement is wrong.

Nicole Betz Tweet via

Nicole Betz Tweet via course, the tweet continued to spiral out of control and had others who have a Ph.D. or Master’s hurt. I agree 100% with Nicole, as I am someone without a graduate degree at the moment. However, I still hold a BSc and a career that does ALOT of science. I was confused as I continued to scroll through the thread and saw opposers of Nicole’s tweet.

I may have missed the point here….The individuals in disagreement must mean that having a higher degree is a necessity for academic research. However, this was later disproved as many said that a Ph.D. is needed to be a scientist overall. Here is an example of a tweet that was very disappointing to see:

Tweeer in disagreement with Nicole

My Take: Science has always been complex. There are many individuals with a Bachelor of Science that can keep up with complex biology or any other scientific topic. A comment like this is troubling since it almost belittles the value of the undergraduate degree. In the general sciences, it does not take an advanced degree to be able to do science. It may justify your credibility in research or knowledge of a topic, but it should not create a paywall to “doing science”.

People on the thread fail to realize that graduate degrees are not the only way to actually participate in research. Many individuals acquire a BSc and become phenomenal scientists in mid-size to large-scale labs. If there is anything you need more than a Ph.D. or Master’s, it would be experience and ambition.

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