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We May Be Wrong About Alien Life

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Photo Credits: By KELLEPICS on Pixabay

I would like to open this up with a review of Jordan Peele's new movie, "NOPE", and why I loved it! Without spoiling it too much, it shows an unknown flying object that terrorizes a horse ranch owned by the Haywood family.The film stars famous actor, Daniel Kaluuya and my favorite actress Keke Palmer. After the death of Otis Haywood Sr., his son and daughter are left trying to figure out this odd ship that continues to prey on objects within the area.

Though this sounds like your average movie about a UFO, it is not. What I am trying to say is, this movie transforms the cliche image of alien life or a flying saucer and turned it into a different perception. I feel that people with strong opinions about the movie came in with the wrong expectation. Through watching the trailer and snippets we all knew the movie was about a foreign entity. Jordan Peele has a very creative mind and did not drop the ball on this as many people would say. For him to dabble into science fiction was definitely a brow raiser to folks like myself. Despite this, I still gave it a chance.

I think that many viewers walked in with the impression that the movie would deal with race or a much more obvious theme. The theme to this movie was not too hard to grasp, but for some it may be a bit difficult. Peele reconstructed the view of alien life forms into something that many would not expect. Aliens may not be some human-like species that wants to destroy all humans.

This drives the question of whether or not "alien life" is opposite of what we perceive. Is it possible they are actually peaceful and really more scared of us as we are them? In no way shape or form am I saying that there are no bad aliens out there. Neither am I saying there are no good ones either. There is a possibility that aliens can be animalistic rather than some advanced intelligence that we think of. They do not have to look like humans; the possibilities are endless.

A Few Questions To Ponder On:

1. Can aliens portray animal behavior and be predators(I really hate to be an advocate for the lizard-people believers)?

2. Do aliens always have to look humanlike? An alien can be a foreign species that looks nothing like anything we've seen on Earth( like the aliens on the movie Arrival).

All these questions cannot be answered now, but are still very interesting once we think about it. In my opinion, aliens probably are less fascinated with us and are probably looking at other beings. We are probably treated like the fish in a tank you see at your local Walmart. What do we do? We just stop by, look at the cool fish, laugh and then leave. We never really buy the fish there.....Aliens probably do these check-ups periodically and go about their business.

There is no doubt we have been visited by them before. I think we are not as interesting as we think we are. In a previous article, I spoke about the Kardashev Scale and the different types of civilizations. The level we are at is less advanced than the aliens we think about. These alien civilizations have probably already taken control of planetary and intergalactic energy to create mega structures.

The typical sci-fi movie always mentions aliens invading our Earth for energy sources that their civilization lacks. Most of the invasions are not explained; they just show up. Let us back away from this thought process for a minute; remember the title of this article:

"We May Be Wrong About Alien Life"

Regardless of limited resources on their planet or fish bowl entertainment, aliens may not be what we think. With 100 billion galaxies, we are probably the least of alien's worries. Until we break a Type I or II civilization, then we will be able unlock the true identity of these aliens.


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