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We Are Not As Advanced As We Think: We Are Barely At Level 1:

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The Kardashev Scale:

There is no question of whether there are other intelligent species in the universe. With this, I believe that we are not humbled by the fact that we may not be as advanced as we think. As of today, there are still puzzling questions in natural science that we have no answer to; many are only great guesses. We are only at the cusp of ground-breaking technology. Some would say I am being a pessimist for downplaying some of the scientific and technological studies that we have accomplished, but all I am expressing is the idea of more studies that have yet to be uncovered. For this article I will be using Kardashev's Scale to help explain the advancements in technology/energy that we have yet to discover.

The Kardashev's Scale was proposed by the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964. He used this model to measure where we fall in our civilization's technological advancements.

Kardashev produced different types of models that describe the characteristics of an advanced civilization. Unfortunately, we are not even at the Type I level of advancement.

Type 0 & Type I Civilization

In order to be considered a Type I, we must harness the entire energy of the planet. We called this a "planetary civilization". To harness all of the planets energy, we would need full control of energy and the ability to manipulate the nature laws of physics and quantum mechanics. We would have so much control of the planet's energy that we would be able to create our own planet; mind you we could barely create our own life....Thus, We are most likely in a Type 0 civilization; we still use natural resources in order to generate energy. In the kardashev's scale, civilizations are determined by the amount of energy generated per second. We do not meet the threshold of energy that is used in a Type I civilization. It is believed we are just at a 0.72 level based on the energy we consume.

Type II Civilization

In a type II civilization, think the ability of traveling the solar system and harnessing the energy/control of a host star. This is also known as a, "stellar civilization". Energy is generated through nuclear fusion from nearby stars. This would be done by a mechanism called a Dyson Sphere or a Dyson Ring. This was a concept created by Freeman Dyson. This sphere is capable of harnessing energy released from a star.

Intermission: Food For Thought

I hope you guys are catching on here. As we move towards more civilizations, notice the dominance in energy and power. Planet---->Solar System---->Galaxy----->Universe--->God Like-----> ??????

Type III Civilization

A Type III civilization is considered a galactic civilization. This civilization is very similar to the Type II. However, energy is harnessed from the entire Galaxy. It is likely anti gravity vehicles would appear, galactic warfare and the capability of traveling through wormholes.

Type IV Civilization

This civilization is called the "Universal Civilization". The energy harnessed here would be from the entire universe( i.e. supernovas). At this point, it is possible life may be created.

Type V Civilization

The amount of energy at this level is unimaginable. This is the "Multiverse Civilization", We would most likely seek white holes for tremendous energy.

Intermission 2: Food For Thought

Notice at each level, the information becomes less and less. For us to think about levels of advancement past a type III civilization is very hard to grasp.

Type VI Civilization

This is called a "Multidimensional Civilization". This civilization exists beyond time and space. It is possible to create and destroy multiverses; this is a civilization that is free of physical bodies and just consciousness.

Type VII Civilization:

Lastly, this civilization is called a "Creator Civilization". This civilization is not really considered a civilization, rather, an existence. This is most likely the realm of a creator or the closest to God we can get. It is unlikely that a Type VI civilization could reach this level.

Photo Credits: geralt on Pixabay

We should like to note that the estimates arrived at here are unquestionably of no more than a tentative nature. But all of them bear witness to the fact that, if terrestrial civilization is not a unique phenomenon in the entire universe, then the possibility of establishing contacts with other civilizations by means of present-day radio physics capabilities is entirely realistic.” [1]

-Nikolai Kardashev


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