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List of Pokemon That Resemble Or Are Inspired By Real Species Pt. 2

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

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The Pokemon Company has always done well with creating Pokemon that resemble or are influenced by actual species. This article is a continuation from the previous list made. In this are Pokemon with less obvious designs that mimic real animals. So, this excludes Pokemon like Squirtle or Butterfree. So without further ado, here is a list of Pokemon that resemble modern/prehistoric animals:

1. Huntail/ Oarfish

This may be a bit of a stretch. However, it is quite possible that this Pokemon was meant to resemble the Oarfish. Huntail is a water-type Pokemon that is found in the 3rd generation and is described as a, "deep-sea fish". Similarly, the Oarfish is found in the deep sea and shares characteristics like Huntail.

2. Venusaur/ Mysterious Frog

This comparison did not hit me until now. Venusaur's design is meant to resemble a frog, a blue-ish green one at that! It is a 220 pound frog with a large flower on its back. With the combination of being a plant and frog, it makes sense why this Pokemon can exert poisonous moves.

3. Arbok/ Cobra

I know I said there were supposed to be no obvious ones, however, I just wanted to point out how Arbok's name backwards is K-O-B-R-A. This spells out "Kobra", a play of the snake that it resembles called the cobra.

4. Vileplume/afflesia hasseltii

This one blew my mind since I have never heard of this and I am supposed to be a biologist. Apparently, afflesia hasseltii is a parasitic plant species that is found in Indonesia. The flower can be mashed into a paste that can be used as a topical. The Pokemon designers wasted no time with having vileplume resemble such a "vile plume". Fun fact: At different concentrations, afflesia hasseltii is great for treating wounds, shrinking the womb after pregnancy and treatment for fevers. Remember, though helpful, it can also be a very dangerous flowering plant.

5. Kabuto/ Horseshoe

Kabuto definitely resembles the horseshoe crab minus the tail. The horseshoe crab is a marine arthropod. It is actually more related to spiders and scorpions despite having the "crab" in his name.

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6. Mantine & Remoraid

Mantine is obviously a manta ray, however, what many people do not realize is Pokemon's knowledge of symbiosis and mutualistic relationships. This is absolutely genius! Even when we think about the evolution of mantyke(the pre-evolved form of mantine), it is required that a remoraid is in the party for it to evolve. This is because mantyke needs remoraid( resembles the remora fish) to attach its dorsal fin to to it and evolve to mantine. Here's a tik tok video that talks about it more:

7. Luvdisc/ Gourami

This one really blew me. I remember playing against the water gym leader that had a Walrein and this very weird Pokemon. Luvdisc's design is inspired by the gourami fish which apparently kiss each other!



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