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Why Is The Glass Frog So Special?

The Glass Frog Is A Beautiful Thing To Look At!

Photo Credits: By Brian Kubicki

What Is A Glass Frog?

Glass frogs(Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni) are a type of tree frog with 120 known species and 20 genera.








H. fleischmanni

They are native to tropical forests in South and Central America. The most interesting characteristics about these guys are their translucent bellies and chests. You will be able to see their heart pump blood into their arteries and food that the frog ate for the day.

Glass Frog Special Ability

Another great characteristic about the glass frog is its ability to camouflage. Not only is the underside of the glass frog transparent, but the sides and part of its back can also exhibit translucence. This type of camouflage allows for the frog to blend in with the brightness or darkness in its background; this is called edge diffusion.

Edge diffusion creates a line of separation between the frog and its background which allows for the most strategic form of camouflage.


Glass frogs mate on a leaf. The male will latch himself to the back of the female from with his hands wrapped around her waist(this position is called amplexus. The female then lays her eggs on the leaf and departs. The male stays to protect the eggs from predators and gets ready for the next mate.

What Do These Guys Eat?

The glass frog is a carnivore. They eat small insects that includes spiders, flies, crickets and other small bugs.

Other Facts About The Glass Frogs

  1. They are harmless and not poisonous.

  2. They are nocturnal.

  3. Lives up to 14 years.

  4. They are aboreal (they live in trees).


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