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"For The Skeptics"

Diondre Mompoint Origins Weekly Chief Editor
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Meet The Founder & Chief Editor

Founder & Chief Editor of Origins, Author & Biologist Diondre Mompoint created this section of the site to share articles for skeptics and free-thinkers alike. 

In many posts he talks about the origin of life, complex speciation, academia and other interesting science topics that will even have a casual reader turn their heads. 

Diondre is also the author of the book, "A Paradoxical Life: Where Did We Come From?" His debut piece discusses the origin of life and open-ended ideas for where all life may have originated from. 

He is the owner of the popular tutoring channel, Dre's Tutoring on Youtube. 

He enjoys anything science, watching reality tv shows, and spending time with his cat, Roman. 

Origins Weekly is a subscription based platform founded by Diondre Mompoint that offers exclusive and free public articles for skeptics!

The main goal for OW is to continue providing interesting articles about life, its origin, academia, science and more.

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