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You Can Do These 3 Jobs With A Biology Degree

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

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A Little Background

I was inspired to share this article after having a discussion with my cousin about what his future would look like.We started to talk about his journey in pursuing his biology degree. We spent a good amount of time talking about coursework and what it would be like to be a biologist. Funny enough, he spoke of "changing his major". I immediately became intrigued to convince him to continue pursuing the degree. I think his idea of biology was broad and thought it was best to go pre-medical. I took a step back and thought about myself. I originally pursued chemistry then changed to biology(pre-med). I only switched to pre-med because it looked cool and it was probably what my parents would like. I later dropped the pre-med thing and went full on biologist. I tried to give him ideas about the many avenues biology can take him. I shared a few ideas of jobs that a biologist can do and would like to share it with everyone else. With that said, here is a short list of 3 jobs that you can do with a biology degree.

Jobs As A Biologist

1. Work In A Lab

Probably the first and most popular place many start is right in the lab. Students who graduate are typically familiar with some of the basic lab practices and will fit right in. Some of the best entry work starts here(i.e. usually no work experience required). In these entry-level jobs there is a great potential for growth depending on the company. The positions available are lab technician work and even analysts for some companies. Analyst positions may require a bit more experience, but may be offered to some individuals out of college. Here is a list, within a list, for different industries and positions for lab work:


  1. Pharmaceutical

  2. Hemp/CBD and Cannabis (Analytical Testing or Production)

  3. Microbiology Lab

  4. Chemicals/Raw Materials Testing Lab

  5. Production & Quality Control Labs

  6. Food Science Labs

  7. Research & Development


  1. Lab Analyst

  2. Lab Technician

  3. Lab Management

  4. Quality Assurance

  5. Microbiologist

2. Academia & Writing

I decided to add these together into one category since they can compliment each other. If working in a lab isn't for you, maybe you can play the remote/desk work type of job. There are many jobs that are looking for academics that are writers. People who pursue this career path can go into the following:

  1. Scientific Writer

  2. Blog writer( ex: OW, Medium, etc.)

  3. Test Preparation Writer (i.e. write material for standardized tests)

  4. Editor For Major Science Journals

  5. Teacher

  6. Contract Tutor

  7. Freelance Instructor

3. Field Science

You do not always need to have a lab coat on to be a biologist or scientist. In fact, many biologists spend their time outside of the lab to collect samples and data. Here are a few job titles that you may secure:

  1. Marine Biologist(could also have a lab)

  2. Environmental Scientist

  3. Field Scientist

  4. Water Treatment Scientist

  5. Field Technician

  6. Researcher (Lab and Field positions are available)


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