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The Origins Blog Gets A Facelift: Welcome To Origins Weekly!

The Origins Blog is now redesigned and better than ever. Formerly known as Origins, Origins Weekly is a fresh and new platform a part of Diondre Mompoint's author site. The roll out of this new design was done for a smoother user experience and more content for readers.

What's New?

There is now a Spotlight tab that will be used for featuring books written by indie authors. There is also a large area for featured posts so it is more appealing to the readers eye. This will give quicker access to the public posts and allowing more content to be showcased. Subscribers with the unlimited plan can finally navigate through "More" tab to view public posts vs. exclusive posts.

My favorite update is probably the Announcements tab which will have updates about what is going on with Origins Weekly and other community news. I highly recommend keeping tabs on this page (no pun intended) since it will include potential scholarships, future book releases and more!

The FAQ and Editors tabs allow for a more intimate interaction with the editor/future editors and burning questions that readers may have.

With updates on the aesthetics, there also comes an update with the content. Members can now expect a series of articles posted weekly.

What Post Do You Want To See More?

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  • Science

  • Origin of Life Stuff

  • Biology

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