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Studying Biology Changed My View Of Life

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Photo Credits By: momentmal on Pixabay

I have been interested in the natural sciences and engineering since I was a small organism. I remember creating all types of lego spaceships and vehicles. I enjoyed inventing, exploring and asking questions about any and everything. Other days, I would look at the green trees in my backyard and the wild cats that roam the grasses. The thoughts about creation and the interesting complexity of these living organisms would enter and exit my mind many times. Though this revolving door stuck in my mind, it was not enough for me to fully indulge myself in scientific studies.

As I transitioned to my high school days, I was interested in science, but not obsessed with it as I am now. As a matter of fact, I had a very distasteful experience with many of my high school science courses which led to me not even considering it fully. Biology was not at all in my mind at the time. I was leaning toward the medical side of science and thought that it would be something that I would be interested in. For my senior year it was time to decide what route I would take in my education.

I enrolled in Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL with the Charles E. Schmidt College of Sciences. Originally, I pursued a degree in chemistry for a reason I do not remember. I later changed from chemistry to pursue a biology degree after careful consideration for what I wanted to do (not because chemistry was too hard; it was only because I found biology to be more interesting). At this time, I still was looking into the pre-medical field.

The first few classes that I took were Bio Principles and Biodiversity. These introductory courses had me yearning for more knowledge at the end of each semester. In later years, I studied genetics, cell biology and biochemistry. I would considered these my turning points at which I considered biological study to be my number one. I dropped the idea of going pre-medical and just going full on biology. I guess my biggest fear was whether or not there is a market for pure biology majors. This fear was neglectful since forcing myself into the medical field would not be ideal for me. I knew my love for biology and natural sciences would just have to do.

After my five years in undergrad, I've had expansive knowledge and a general idea of how biological systems work and the finer details for the creation of life. Biology helped me understand how life works and the great details of metabolism, macromolecule synthesis, homeostasis and cellular function. The basic knowledge of biology was only scratching the surface though.

There was a gradual shift in my philosophy that is still held to this day. Towards the end of my college career, I started to stick my nose into paleontology and pre-historic studies like the discoveries of species from the Cambrian Explosion. I wanted to know more about how these biological systems were created. For this answer, I had to stick not just my nose, but my hands in other disciplines like physics, astronomy and cosmology. I was no expert in these subjects, but thanks to my studies in biology I furthered my knowledge in these areas.

After the digestion of all this knowledge, I began to follow scholars like Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, Professor Dave Furina, Richard Dawkins, James Tour, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

All of this led me to where I am today. I continue to talk about the origin of life and discuss topics from my book, "A Paradoxical Life: Where Did We Come From?". I thank the topics in biology for making me fall in love with scientific discovery and the beauty of nature. It allowed me to create my first book centered around molecular & biochemistry, the cosmos and create many ideas for the complex life we live. Biology is beautiful; as is the butterfly used in the cover art. Biology has changed my perception of life and continues to challenge my thoughts of creation, complexity, and what we think we may know. I will always keep the studies of biology in my back pocket as a reminder that life is beautiful and is indeed an art.

I would like to end this article with the following quote:

"If you are not astonished by biological systems then you may not fully understand it"

-Diondre Mompoint

**This quote is derived from Neils Bohr and John Wheeler who originally said:

"If you are not completely confused by quantum mechanics, you do not understand it"


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