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I Would Not Mind A World Dominated By Plants

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Photo Credits: By Pexels on Pixabay

I would not mind a world dominated by plants..... Oh what a bore. I know that the most interesting discussions are about alien domination or an end-of-world dominated by the remains of smoke from nuclear explosions. But, what if I told you a plant dominate world would be much better. For those of you that are lost, let me first ask you something and then I will rephrase what I mean. What are your thoughts of a futuristic city? Is it flying cars and robots walking with humans? Are there skyscrapers twice the size of the ones we have now? Well, that is a bit too basic for me. Time for me to rephrase what meant by a, "Plant Dominated World". My vision is seeing vines and overgrown run the cities and the presence of flowering plants that are wrapped around a building.

The reasons I would prefer a world dominated by plants over anything else is to refresh the Earth with nature and a much cleaner atmosphere. There is no lie that plants give off oxygen. And when I say oxygen, I mean plenty. I am no climate change or die hard environmentalists, but I do feel there needs to be some type of change in the industrialization that we create on mother Earth. Plants give life joy and will bring people closer to nature. The atmosphere will be clear of toxic chemicals and the aroma of Earth would be great.

Above are photos that represent what I envision for the future to look like, well, at least what I would want it to look like. These types of infrastructures incorporate Earth's natural look. Today, we have Earth covered with factories and acres of capitalistic real estate condominiums.

What World Do You Want?

  • Futuristic & Robotics

  • Plant Dominant

  • Hydro Cities

  • Dystopian

I feel there needs to be a change in our perception of what the future would look like. A planet dominant Earth will be the best setting we could ever get our hands on. We have been so disconnected with the natural world that we are blinded by artificial nature and live in a robo-systemic society. Above this is a poll for what you envision the future to look like or what you would like for it to look like. I really hope no one would want a dystopian society. I know a dystopia is very broad, but when I say dystopia, I think of a grim and dark society. I would compare it to the setting of Cyberpunk 2077 or the movie "Total Recall"(2012). This type of world would be at the end of my list since there seems to be no positive light in these types of futuristic settings.

A Hydrocity seems like it will be a fairly good setting despite people potentially having a fear of being in the deep sea. A futuristic and robotic world is what we see in everyday action movies and bland Sci-Fi movies. I have yet to hear anyone want a plant dominant world. I may have not met a person yet, but I will definitely be waiting.

If you haven't already, take the poll above!


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