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Here Are Some Of The Craziest Photos Taken Under An Electron Microscope

With the creation of microscopes, we have been able to see amazing microscopic objects and organisms. Some of the discoveries made with microscopes are quite weird or outright shocking. Below is a list of some of the craziest captures of objects/species under a microscope.

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Photo Credits: By WikiImages

1. Weevils magnified at 80x Photograph: Dr Csaba Pintér

2. The head of a tapeworm at 200x Photograph: Teresa Zgoda

3. Alcohol at 1000x

4. The Flat Mite

5. Rotifers at 20x Photograph: Frank Fox

6. An Ant

7. Ant's Butthole

8. Zebrafish Embryo

9. A Kidney Stone

10. Chalk

11. Sand

12. Human Eyelash Hairs

13. Dust

14. Sweat Gland

15. Sperm Cell On An Egg

16. Another Sperm

17. Tardigrade


18. A Worm


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