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Dre's Tutoring Makes A Return

Youtube Channel: Dre's Tutoring

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The very popular youtube tutoring channel is back to releasing videos after many breaks through a 4 year period. Dre's Tutoring sits at 39(as of July 9th 2022) strong subscribers and is run by Author & Biologist, Diondre Mompoint. Dre's Tutoring was creating to simplify difficult topics in biology, biochemistry, chemistry and other subjects science related.

The style of tutoring in these videos are pretty different from your typical tutors that are all on youtube. With Dre's Tutoring, there are many real life examples, shortcuts, and a bit of dry humor at times. All of these are ways to have the students remember concepts and be prepared for any tests that they have to take.

Diondre was a student that struggled in many of these courses. He understands the difficulty for some students taking courses and not feeling confident in their knowledge of the course work. It wasn't until June 4th 2018, he decided to release his first video on formal charge with his parents old touch screen windows computer. He used an old ball point stylus from the dollar tree and a microphone he borrowed from his girlfriend(he originally bought it for her).

It took many takes to finally have a solid video down. Sometimes he was doubtful, but kept on making videos following the formal charge video and his longest lesson about naming compounds. In conjunction with helping students on topics, he knew that this would be great practice for when he becomes a professor.

The model he uses is putting an emphasis on making things easier; he is trying to not confuse viewers with lengthy explanations, jargon and "just wanting to hear himself talk". He started to be consistent with lessons and released 7 videos within the year he started. It wasn't until the last videos he put out, topoisomerase I & II, where he took a small hiatus. Just about a year from today, he resumed making more videos after seeing the feedback about his topoisomerase video. Not one of his best videos in his eyes, but it did strike the eyes of other individuals that found it helpful. That video currently is on its way to 4,000 views after 4 years.

Though this is not much, it is still significant to Diondre. The goal is to continue to produce as many videos as possible, almost creating a library of tutoring videos that anyone can access and use to their advantage.

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