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Biology Is Art: Let Us Appreciate The Evolution Of Complex Species

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Photo Credits: By krzysztofniewolny on Pixabay

Biology Is Art

It is easy to neglect the beauty in all of biology. We must take appreciation for the design of plants, animals, and fungus for their interactions with non-living things. I know this sounds like an article headed towards the intelligent design talk, and it is. Though, I would like to use a very interest form of ID that isn't "Popular ID". There is no discredit to biological evolution nor cosmic evolution in this type of ID. I would like to purely appreciate the combination of ID and evolution when writing this article.

Cellular & Molecular Biology Creates This Art

I have stated that biology is art. One of the foundations for biology is cellular and molecular biology. These topics unveil the impressive capabilities of molecular machines and the fine tuned parts of a cell. Combining all the atoms, compounds, molecules and macromolecules leads to the most complex species we see today. These species are art pieces that were strategically formed through the free-form pieces by some creator. All of nature is perfectly designed through the efforts of evolution's pre-determined and spontaneous reactions. I hope I didn't lose anyone there when I said this; I shall elaborate further. Evolutionary postulates mention random mutations and changes that happen by chance. Though this may be true, I am a strong believer in some of these "chances" being pre-determined. Everything involving evolution has a perfect fit that allows a species to survive. Through evolutionary trials and tribulations we are left with beautiful and complex species like the peacock butterfly, humans and plants.


Here is one of my favorite videos of reef life. This shows how beautiful nature and biology is is:

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